Our highly competent team provides many services among which are pricing and modelling, including earthquake modelling, as well as claims management.

Consulting & Optimization

We may combine different treaty types (Excess - Per Risk or Per Claim, Aggregate and/or Proportional) and non-traditional or alternative capacity. This enables us to understand market pricing and dynamics. As a result, we “optimize” with constraints around treaty type, coverage and sources of capacity to generate the maximized efficient Reinsurance Structure.

Pricing & Modelling

Our experienced and skilled team focuses on the pricing of the proportional and excess of loss programs, including retrocession treaties. In order to achieve an optimal result, we analyze each program using effective methods and models.

Different Quotations

Satisfying the cedant and the reinsurers at the same time is our main priority. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most appropriate rates/prices suitable for their portfolio. Due to our global relationships with several top-rated reinsurers, we are able to offer our clients multiple alternatives and Reinsurance structures.

Analytics of the Portfolio

Triangulations are a methodology developed by the actuarial profession to track how premium, paid claims and outstanding losses, known and unknown, change over time and track short-tail and long-tail losses. This method provides the reinsurers with a better picture of the overall portfolio financial health.

Claims Advocacy

Chedid Re aims to facilitate a smooth resolution of all claims in an accurate and timely fashion in the complex world of reinsurance claims. Our Claims function is built on four pillars: Integrity, Initiative, Technical Excellence and Superior Service. On one hand, our experienced team is dedicated to being frontline advocates to our clients. On the other hand, we leverage our industry expertise and market insights to ensure utmost transparency with our reinsurance partners through close relationships and real-time data analysis.

Technical Accounting

We provide both parties a detailed calculation for the Profit Commission, Premium Adjustment, Sliding Scale Commission, Loss participation, etc. We make sure that all statements received from the cedant follow the agreed terms and conditions included in the slip. Moreover, we make sure they are transferred to the reinsurers within the assigned time frame set in the respective contracts.

Earthquake Modelling

We provide our clients with Earthquake Modelling by estimating the company’s annual average loss per return period using Cat Risk Solutions software.

Forecasting & Benchmark

Based on our experience and deep knowledge in the field and our research in every territory, we analyze the cedant’s portfolio. Moreover, we help our clients understand the risks they are facing and forecast the future losses.